Zhihua Lai (Senior Software Engineer @ MSRC, PhD)

Hi there Hello!

Dr Zhihua Lai - Senior Software Engineer (PhD)

My Chinese Name is 赖智华 (Lai, Zhihua) - Pronunciation

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Prior to that I worked as a SDE (Software Development Engineer aka Someone Does Everything) for Amazon Web Services (S3 Object Lambda) and as a Staff Software Engineer for General Electric Smallworld where I added while loop, regex, http library and so much more to the Magik Programming Language.

I am passionate for Algorithms, Blockchain and Cloud. I am currently a Top 5 Witness (Block Producer) of the Steem Blockchain.

In High School (2003), I participated in National Olympiad in Informatics in Province NOIP (e.g. a programming contest) and won the Third Prize.

Connect me on (Linkedin). My profile at Microsoft Research and my profile at Github. And here is my resume (PDF 55KB, 21/May/2023).

You can also find my other traces on Cyberspace - for example: SteakOverCooked, CodingForSpeed and 中文博客 (A Chinese Blog)

Also, welcome to join CodingNBB.com group for discussions of coding+algorithms (中文)

During my spare time, I teach my sons and wife programming.

Here are some of my side-projects - I write blogs and provide Free APIs and Tooling.

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Publication (Conferences, Journals, Patents)

I published a few conference and journal papers on Radiowave Propagation Modelling.

View my publication at Google Scholar.

Here are the publications since I joined Microsoft.

Microsoft Job Referrals

Please could you send your Resume/CV and a preferred job post URL to emhpaHVhbGFpQG1pY3Jvc29mdC5jb20K if you want to apply to Microsoft via Referral. Usually, your application will be referred within 24 to 48 hours if your profile looks suitable for the job posts.

You can view a list of job openings in AFO Group (where I am currently at).

Social Networks

My opinions on social networks are simply my personal views only. They do not reflect or represent my current employer Microsoft, obviously.

Private Tutoring (Cambridgeshire Area)

I might be able to do private tutoring on a various subjects, please contact for details.

Online Judges

I love problem solving! And you can find my trails on the following places:

Zhihua Lai solves math puzzles on ProjectEuler

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