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PHP Online Logo Interpreter & EXE Complier(

Changes | Output | Source | Examples | Instructions

No need to install additional software at the client... The server will interpret the Logo program and generate an output.

The source code has been published at and, GPL Licence

Do you know LOGO? If You Don't, you can visit Wikipedia for a basic knowledge. Logo is fun, i remember when i was a kid, i was first taught the LOGO , i love it ... During X-mas 2006, i had the idea of programming a basic interpreter for LOGO and finally i made it within three days.

This interpreter, however, is written in PHP. You don't need to download any software. You can just put the Logo Programs in the following textbox and click the 'Run'.

Changes Log: December Christmas, 2011: Version 0.2
December Christmas, 2006: Version 0.1
Image Output 640x480 (16 Colors) (Need 'IFRRAME') - Right Click 'Save-As' Disabled.
If your javascript is disabled...
Logo Source Code Input

Case In-Sensitive. For Example, make "a 3 is equivant to MaKe "A 3

The Empty Spaces are used to separate the expressions. Write :X+:Y Rather than :X(SPACE)+(SPACE):Y

List of Keywords

List of Constants

List of Global Variables

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